Welcome to the universe of femininity.

Situated in Montpellier, in the south of France, ADDICTED to FASHION, l look for and I select with accuracy and good taste, clothes, jewellery, fashion accessories, NEW or second-hand in VERY GOOD CONDITION.

You will find a wide CHOICE of brands and ranges...

For the vintage lovers, you can discover the second-hand clothes shop and find an original style.

The most of items exist only in a single piece and size.

Multi-brand with mini prices for girls and women in search of cheap little treasures.

According to your imagination, you can create an original MIX of colors, styles, forms, different cuttings.....

Then find your glamorous, retro look ...

Quality ready-to-wear clothing which can cross the time by being perennially fashionable.

Us girls, women, like the change, FANTASY.. in brief, fashion!!!


  • Girly Showroom is an online store that does not have a physical store.
  • Girly Showroom offers clothing, accessories, jewellery, second hand things in excellent condition ready to give a second life to.